Wednesday, July 20, 2011

what have i been doing???

So, it's been a while since my last market ... can't even remember which one it was (terrible I know), what have I been doing? Well ... have looked around my new studio/office (more about that later) and realised that I have an extraordinary amount of material, in all shapes and sizes, and I really need to start doing something with it. This has coincided with me getting a job at the local sewing & material store, can I honestly justify buying more material? Well no, but it seems to somehow happen.
Anyway I started to have a look at the many patchwork project that come into the shop, whilst many of them are not my style or taste they are still amazing and a great way of using up 'scraps' of fabric (of which I have many). So here above is the beginning of my first patchwork quilt, pieced together with scraps old and new ... now how to turn it into something that can work with yknot? designs ...because starting out was quite difficult - why do they still use inches? what is a quarter inch foot and do I really need one ...? what is the name of the squares I am making? and why are some quilts so daggy when there are some beautiful fabrics available? I have decided to make a beginner quilt pattern - something that will help beginners, it's basic, straight sewing, not a lot of matching corners, its a free size but would work in a cot (maybe a bit on the small size) - on your lap in front of the telly or for a baby on the floor - but really it was only intended to be a beginners project that would inspire people to sew - kids could manage it!!

So, that is what i have been doing ... a quilt pattern and maybe some material to get you started will be available at the next Piccadilly Market in Geelong. Stay tuned for the photo of my new studio/office - just need to tidy it up so I can take a decent photo of it. Em x