Saturday, October 22, 2011

This is what has been happening ...

Never seem to get around to posting on my blog very much, have all the best intentions and then life gets in the way.
So you may have been wondering what has been happening here, well we have welcomed two new members to the Di Stefano household, 'Ginny' and 'Luna' (Harry Potter inspired) gorgeous pets for the girls that have the best rabbit hutch & pen i have seen in a long time, built by husband who was inspired (and strongly guided by youngest daughter!!). Will post photo soon!!
I have managed to bulge a disc in my back which means I have been unable to sew or do anything interesting for two weeks now, lots of trips to the physio, walking and exercises! I do feel better but I also feel that it may be a while before I am back to normal!! Sadly I have had to cancel a couple of markets because i don't feel that i will be able to make enough stock, but I will still be around at a few local events.
I have managed to patchwork a cushion this weekend, which is going to be a project to make in my new business venture that I will tell you about soon.
Take care Em x