Sunday, October 10, 2010

a wedding

It was a glorious weekend, the weather on the Mornington Peninsula was beautiful. A perfect time for a wedding, my cousin got married. It was the first time my girls had seen a 'bride' and they weren't disappointed.
She looked gorgeous ... dress, flowers, hair, everything ... even the venue was beautiful and they had the perfect Friday afternoon.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

... yes a wrist cuff/bracelet ...

After chatting to a friend at Red Hill Market, she informed me that it took her ages to work out what the image was of in my photo.

Obviously I have necklaces on the chair and a belt, but the other item was a mystery ...

Let me explain, it is a fabulous NEW wrist cuff or bracelet, made from some gorgeous fabrics, lots of frills and joined around the wrist with press studs. I have them in both collections and truly believe you will love them.

Come and see my them and other great products at Magnolia Square
October 21, 22 and 23.

Monday, October 4, 2010

school's back ...

This is what my kids have spent a great deal of time doing on the holidays, and yes it was by choice!! Both of them are mad for 'monkey bars' or just 'bars' as the 10 year old says, and because we don't have any they improvised
(as kids do).
The trampoline gets moved under the flying fox line and they hook themselves over the cord and they do 'tricks', it has kept them entertained for hours and I (and any visitor) have spent many minutes/hours watching the latest trick/flip.

We have had a great holiday, visit to the Peninsula Hot Springs, weekend at Phillip Island, many sleepovers, a couple of movies and heaps of other things!!

But we are ready to go back to school ... I really need more time at the sewing machine!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

a beautiful Sunday ...

What to do on a perfect October Day? Gardening/Weeding ...

For my friends and family (and fellow bloggers!) here is a picture of our front garden bed - without weeds!
(It's amazing I know)

Kind father-in-law and equally kind husband weeded this garden bed this morning and what a difference it has made, I plan on mass planting some grasses and then back filling with mulch (of course).
My job was to take all weeds to fire pile and prune trees, which I hope will grow more now that they are not being suffocated by weeds.