Wednesday, June 23, 2010

... a beanbag ...

In a promise to my daughter that I would 'renovate' her bedroom, this is my starting point, a beanbag and floor cushion.

It has taken me two (that's right 2) whole days to put together a bean bag for my daughter, it is very generous, I drafted the pattern from one at home and somehow made it twice as big. Couldn't get my inner bean bag in and had to unpick the side and sew it back up again. I have visions of her jumping on it and splitting the seams.

Also made a round floor cushion, which is ok, not really happy with how the base turned out, and the cushion is pretty lumpy. But I have a very happy 10 year old customer who is delighted that I am finally getting around to doing her room.

I am going to leave the homewares to the girls from Mookah, and continue to concentrate on my gorgeous range of accessories and clothing!!


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Mookah said...

Nice one Emma! That beanbag looks enormous and I love that red piping on the floor cushion.