Wednesday, November 10, 2010

new post

Wow! Long time no post, can you believe a month has passed by, what have I been doing??

Well ... I have had a few markets, Red Hill and Magnolia Square, a monster virus invaded my computer (very annoying!) and I have been developing some new products.

My busy time is fast approaching and I am going to find myself in two states (SA and VIC) and two markets (Magnolia Square Adelaide and Christmas at the Studio - Merricks Nth) at the same time.

A week later I will also be in two places at once,
Red Hill December Market and Magnolia Square St Kilda.

How do you manage stock for four events?
How do I know what will sell?
Any ideas let me know...

But apart from that tomorrow night I will be at the
Malvern Primary Twlight Christmas Market, showing all my lovely yknot? designs.

Hope to see you there!
Em xx

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