Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Open house

I never seem to get around to blog posts, unless something is going on ... so here it is now, I am having an open house on Thursday 30th June from 9am-3pm, I would love anyone to drop in and say hello, the coffee machine will be on and I will bake my yummy chocolate cake ... bargains a plenty and 25% off everything!!

Buy some clothes for your kids before the holidays, pick up a present, perhaps even a summer bargain or two ...

Looking forward to see you then. Emma x

P.S Have been busy with heaps of various things, will update soon (I promise)


Mookah said...

I'm guessing we'll be on the road somewhere in the middle of NSW by then, but hope it goes well. You know I would have come just for the coffee and cake, let alone the bargains!

Frankie and Ray said...

Hey Emma! Alas I'm on the wrong side of the water to drop in, but I see we'll be catching up at Piccadilly at the end of July, so perhaps you might bring some cake? (please?) Jo x