Tuesday, August 24, 2010

... new necklaces ...

Mum will kill me for putting up this picture ... but here goes ...

... here are two images of my new necklaces for my summer 'sweet pea' collection, and a picture of mum putting them together.

A labour of love, each shape has to be traced, cut out, sewn, stuffed, sewn again, trimmed and then pinned and sewn onto the necklace, Mum is pinning the shapes I have made and threading on the multi-coloured beads (which have to be drilled - thanks Husband), later I will stitch them all together.

A lot of effort - but don't they look gorgeous!
I have these and much more to come, all fabulous fresh summer colours!
also a new logo and look is on the way!

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Mookah said...

They're lovely Emma. As soon as I saw them though I thought oh my god look at all the work in them. I know all about fiddly stuff!